Monday, September 1, 2014

Meat Rabbits Adventure

I'm one month into a new adventure in raising my own meat source. I chose rabbits since they are quiet, easy to butcher, legal to own in my area, multiply like rabbits and their manure is extraordinarily useful in my poor soil.

I am raising New Zealand Giant White Rabbits.  Their offspring should be butcher weight at about 10-12 weeks of age.  My goal is to produce 200 pounds of meat per year with my buck and two doe's.  Ideally, next year it will be closer to 400 if I purchase or barter for additional cages. From what I understand that is a very realistic goal if each doe has 4 -5 litters per year which is considered a non-intense breeding schedule.

As always this blog is a record and online diary, so here's a rundown of the costs:

3 Does and 1 Buck: $80  (1 Doe Traded for $20 in colloidal silver so I have 2 does and 1 buck)
4 Cages with feeders and water bottles: $220

Feed: $12 per 50 pound bag, lasts about 1 month
Alfalfa: $12 per bale, lasts around 6 months.
The rabbits will also eat household scraps, and herbs / plants already raised on-site.

My guess is that it will cost approximately $250 per year to raise 200 pounds of meat, giving me a price of $1.50 per pound.

I also estimate it will take me 150-250 hours per year to properly care for the rabbits, including butchering, cleaning, etc.

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