Monday, July 21, 2014

New Fence and Monarchs!

Our front / side yard vegetable garden is doing well. the raised beds I brought with me from the old house are in, we've harvested a bit of food but I wanted to add a fence to the front area to divide it visually / screen it a bit for the neighbors sake.  As we all know, gardening ain't always pretty so I thought by adding a front fence it would help avoid any possible complaints from the neighbors. (Although seeing as how we bought the empty for years hoarders house the neighbors have been nothing but grateful that we've fixed up the place and we get compliments every week from our neighbors)

So we were at the new Starbucks Drive through and saw some great landscape and fencing panels.  My hubby said he could build it and he did.  Now normally that could be a period of months or years before he feels like getting it done, but this time he had it done in a few hours! Wow!

So here's the new fence.  He used pressure treated lumber since the color and thickness was right and sunk the posts in some quickset concrete.  I love how it turned out

View from the front

View from the Back after we planted milkweed, bay laurel, sedum, etc. and added more bark nuggets to give it a finished look

And look here, just a few weeks later and my milkweed plant is being decimated in a good way by monarchs!  There are at least 30 of them on the plant and it doesn't look very pretty anymore but I can't wait to see the butterflies!

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