Products I LOVE and Where I Shop

Here is a list of the products I have found to be proven workhorses in the garden and where I shop for garden items in Orange County and online:

1. Authentic Haven Brand Soil Conditioner AKA: #MooPooTea

I exclusively use MooPooTea to fertilize and feed in my garden. The reasons are numerous, here are my top reasons:

It's safe
It's organic
It's cheap
It's easy to apply
It's locally sourced
It's independently owned

I am also bowled over impressed with the amazing agriculture legacy of the Haven family.  They are credited with so much of the agriculture history in Southern California and beyond.  I adore Annie Haven, totally love that she's the only female rancher in California and you can't compete with generations of pristine land and livestock that produce the product.  Nothing on the market can even come close to making the claims she can with her product and no competitor can buy 100+ years of an organic agriculture record.

I don't even bother with other products.  Sure I'll buy a bag or two of Dr. Earth potting soil a year to pot up some plants and amend my soil with products but straight up, this is the only fertilizer I use.

2. Peaceful Valley Supply

I buy bare root fruit trees and cane berries primarily.  I also have purchased their forage mix for chickens. I buy here because they are in my home state of California, independently owned and I have always had very high quality bare root products that are shipped with care at a great price. Their website is extremely informative and their phone order folks are actually knowledgeable!

3.  Dragonfly Shops and Gardens

This is where I go for garden inspiration, garden art and just my general happy place. It's independent, local and the gals here are a hoot and a half.  I purchase fairy garden goodies, succulents, garden art and all kinds of other goodness here.

4. Orange County Farm Supply

I don't buy 'farm supplies' there but I do buy Dr. Earth potting soil and hard to find herbs at a great price that are locally grown.  This is a serious store with a serious amount of business going on, but they are knowledgeable and while not overly friendly (it's all dudes there, I think they may need a lady or two), they are ready to help.

5.  Foothill Feed

I buy my chicken feed from Foothill Feed.  They're local, independently owned and their prices can't be beat.  The folks who work there are knowledgeable, friendly and help me load a bale of hay in the trunk of my sedan, which only fits with about 1/2 inch to spare.

6.  Wagon Train

I buy my chickens from Wagon Train.  The owner Margaret is the 'chicken lady of OC' and she runs a brisk business.  I also like to stop by to see the critters she has, always a few rabbits, a goat, lamb, maybe even a pig.

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