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I started this blog as an on-line diary of my gardening. The primary purpose is to share what works and what doesn't in my craft and hobby projects.  I also love Orange County and write about events I go to here.

I have been gardening for a long, long, long time.  As a little girl, I remember my grandfather showing me how to make just the right hill and moat around each plant to ensure no water is wasted.  I was profoundly influenced by reading The Secret Garden and having my own 'bit of earth' has always been important to me.

I love to dig, dig, dig and move things around. I don't try to have a show garden that looks great 12 months out of the year...rather I focus on growing for food production and finding beauty in the small things.  As I mature as a gardener, I hope to have a show worthy garden, and love to visit others who do, but for now I am quite satisfied to keep my fingers and toes in the dirt.

I also love my chickens.  I have had them for 6 years and find that compared to other pets I have owned through the years that these have been the most enjoyable, the least expensive, the least time and labor intensive and the most rewarding.  My pets make me breakfast and I think that is awesome!

I also recently incorporated meat rabbits and quail into my little piece of earth.  I am currently raising purebred New Zealand Giant White Rabbits and Coturnix Quail.  If you are a meat breeder or want to be a meat breeder in Orange County, leave a comment! I am always looking to meet other folks in their journey towards self sufficiency and sustainability.

This blog is my hobby. so I don't take sponsorships at this time, but I am PR friendly.  If you have a garden related product you would like me to try and review, then that's great!  At this time I do not do give-aways.

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