Tuesday, October 23, 2012

How did I dye those lamp shades

Some folks asked how I dyed the lamp shades in my daughters room.  Here's how I did it:

Outside of the house in the sun! (important)
I took an old plastic container and added a few gallons of water
1 bottle of black RIT dye
some salt-couple of cups

Then I lowers in the lampshades and carefully saturated them without splashing myself with the color.
I turned them a few times and let them soak for about an hour on each side.
Then I carefully rinsed them with the hose to check the color.

They were perfect.  These were antique silk lampshades so they didn't get that dark especially because I couldn't use heat, it would have dissolved the glue holding the lamp shade together and there was delicate silk ribbon embroidery and bead detail that I didn't want to risk.

I loved how they turned out!

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