Friday, November 2, 2012

Life with Dylan: School fundraiser does more harm than good

Take a look at the post from my friend Michele's blog: Life with Dylan: School fundraiser does more harm than good: Anyone who has children is familiar with the annual school fundraisers. Almost all schools have at least one fundraiser and I understand t..

What are your thoughts on conscientious consumerism, or have you heard of that term?

For me, the key is balance and research.  I find that picking up the phone and asking questions often results in more information than I realized along with a particular set of circumstance that would be very difficult and un-marketing-like for product manufacturers to try to put on their sales materials.

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  1. My biggest issue with those "fundraisers" is that they don't really make the school that much money. They are making these companies money but the schools typically taken in a small percentage. Plus most of the stuff they are selling is overpriced.