Friday, October 19, 2012

Make it-Citrus Enzyme Cleaner

Make your own enzyme cleaner for about 30 cents.  Yes, you can do this!

Enzyme cleaner is very handy to have around and at around $10 a bottle from the health food stores it is worth the time to make your own, especially because it is super simple:

2 cups of citrus peels
1 liter of water
1/2 cup of brown sugar
1 teaspoon of yeast

Mix the ingredients by giving them a good shake in an old bottle.
Set it on the counter but LEAVE the lid slightly open.  This will ferment, develop and EXPLODE if you close the lid tightly.
Keep it near your sink or somewhere you can see it for the first two weeks.  Shake it when you go by, after tightening the lid of course :)  Then make sure you re-loosen the lid.

After two weeks, strain it into a clean bottle or jar and use it around the house.

Full strength as an insecticide!
Diluted it is wonderful for cleaning gross stuck on stuff
Super diluted it is great for all purpose cleaner

Enzymatic cleaners are also good for pet stain clean up but test an area first.

Also if you have asthma don't spray this in the air, pour it on a rag to use.

If you are like me you should have multiple batches on hand, it gets used quick.

Also, I've learned to keep a baggy of orange peels in the freezer and whenever I have enough I start a new batch of cleaner.

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