Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Getting ready for Thanksgiving!

Here's a little photo view of getting ready for Thanksgiving at my house! This year will be a quiet year, with just my immediate family.  We can't travel because of my mother-in-laws health so we are staying home and having a quiet Thanksgiving. 

My daughters and I got up early and ran around town today picking up supplies and then we got out the big box 'o' Thanksgiving from the garage.  I love to put out all of their seasonal art they've made through the years.  It is a great walk down memory lane and I don't know what my girls think, but I think they like reminiscing over what they made in first grade, second grade and so forth!

My fun collage I made on Picnik!  Thanks NancyK for telling me about Picnik!!!!

A little conglomeration of things my youngest made over the years.  Yes, she did make place cards out of toilet paper tubes as a 'suprise' to me a few years ago :)

Our nod to our chickens.  This is a beautiful piece I picked up and it peeks out of our flower arrangement.

More of the kids art!

Decorating and setting the table!

Our gourd from a trip to Jack Creek Farms last year! These babies last forever if dried properly!

The girls went with me to pick up our centerpiece from Wildflower Florist of San Clemente.

This year my youngest has been big into Origami so we have Origami turkeys made out of tinfoil all over the table.  Yep, that's what I said, Origami turkeys made out of tinfoil.

See each place setting has a whole family of Oragami tinfoil turkeys.

And the piece de'resistance!  The centerpiece from Wildflower

Do you set your table the day before Thanksgiving like I do?????  I like doing it when I'm relaxed and not cooking, but that also means we have to hunch over the coffee table to eat the rest of our meals between now and Thanksgiving din-din!

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