Wednesday, August 31, 2011

My new BFF!

I love skin care and facials and all that girly stuff.  Yes, I love to garden but I really sincerely love glitz and glamour too.  I am the most un-granola-y garden person I know. 

So, it is with huge happiness and joy that I discovered Deborah DeMarco Skin Care in the Berkely Historic Building in Old Towne Orange  (apparently Clark Gable stayed there at one point, I feel glamorous just knowing that.)  I found out about her through a client of mine, so in full disclosure, Deborah is someone I've just added to my client roster, so it is my job to love her, but she makes it so easy!  I was blown away by everything about this new business.

Deborah is the owner, and the esthetician.  It's a tiny single bed studio upstairs away from the hustle and bustle of life.  It smells terrific, the bed was heated, the room A/C'd and the treatment was to die for!

Here is the text of my review on Yelp.  I gushed about her on Yelp and then at a dinner party and then out for drinks with my former co-workers.  Seriously, this woman is awesome.  She's my new BFF! 

Best facial ever and I've had facials regularly for 18 years, so saying this is the best is a big deal for me. The consult was thorough, then Deborah did an skin analysis with a mag lamp, which again, was very thorough, she asked instinctive questions and she really understood my skin before she ever put a product on it. Great ambience, the room smelled great, heated bed, very comfortable spa wrap, water was offered BEFORE and AFTER the treament (never been given water before a treatment).  The Dermalogica products smelled heavenly and did not distress my skin, but were highly effective, plus she used ultrasound technology to loosen up the clogged pores, and she used galvanic current TWICE during the treatment to really penetrate into the deeper layers and a hydrating gauzy wrap, plus a scalp massage, acupressure facial massage, double cleanse, extractions, mask, moisturizer, serums, eye cream and more.  This was the kind of facial I've dreamed of having, it was state-of-the-art and heavenly.  Plus, she called the next day just to make sure my skin felt great and there was no sensitivity, etc.  Can't believe what an awesome facial I had for the price!  I was not rushed, no timer went off, she took her time and TWO hours later, I was relaxed, glowing and ready to take on the world.  I asked her if she does all of this stuff for everyone or was it just me and she said that's how every treatment is, customized and she uses whatever technology (she called it modalities) are needed.

Deborah DeMarco Skin Care is located at:

1420 E Chapman Ave Studio 2A
Orange, CA 92866
(714) 815-6694

If you mention that you saw this on the blog and Yelp, that would be awesome!  She's got a great summer special going on!

New Clients "Summer Savings Spectacular".  Mention Yelp and receive 40% off 60 Minute Facial.  Regular $79, save your skin & $31.

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