Monday, September 24, 2012

The sacrifices we make for our children

You see this boat, do you see it?  Um, I don't like boating, sailing, the ocean or anything that has to do with water.  Showers are about it for me but my little one went to the Orange Rotary rummage sale and negotiated on her own to buy this boat with her own money, so of course I let her bring it home. It's huge, almost 4 feet tall and very wide.  I barely got it into the car to bring it home.

Turns out her $10 investment was sound, this boat has a resale value of $250-$500 after we researched more about it.  It came from an estate in Villa Park and it is in great shape.  She loves to play with the rigging and adjust the sails, etc.

The only surface large enough to put it on is in my entry-way, oh..the sacrifices we make for our children :) 

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