Sunday, September 16, 2012

Oh how I love baby Chicks!

This summer I taught an Urban Chicken Keeping class at Dragonfly Shops and Gardens which was so much fun and for the class I borrowed some baby chicks from Foothill Feed in Orange to use for the demo.  They stayed with me in my office next to my desk for a couple of days.  They were so fun to have around, I just love baby chicks!

Here they are in my living room being handled by the family.  These chicks were very active and loved to be held and hop around.  Notice we had the heat lamp on even while we were handling them.  They still need lots of heat until they are fully feathered out.

They also had a strong instinct to perch.  Notice this one perching on the edge of a piece of cardboard.

Not the best photo but at 2 weeks they are starting to feather out and get that awkward 1/2 fluffy 1/2 feather look.

This chick was extremely tall and had long legs, gonna be a big girl!

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