Thursday, September 13, 2012

Have you gone to Pink's?

We finally did it.  Growing up in Orange County I rarely venture outside the 'orange curtain'...don't feel like I need to go very far living in this paradise, but this summer we visited the original Pink's up in Hollywood.

Pink's hot dogs has been around since 1939 and is pretty famous for its hot dogs.  We all got chili dogs as you can see below.

Here we are standing in line, there is ALWAYS a line no matter what time of day or night it is.  Usually there are some celebrities in line too.  (I saw folks that I'd seen in shows but didn't know there names, not that I know many celebrities names, but unless you're on the front page of something while I'm in line at the grocery store I dont' know ya, sorry!)

The food at Pink's was okay, definitely more of a 'go because it's famous' type of place.  Ican't see eating here on a regular basis...first because it is gosh darn unhealthy and second, I prefer Hebrew National hot dogs :)

But THEN, we went to SPRINKLES!  We went to the cupcake ATM in Beverly Hills and there are no pics to prove how good the cupcakes are, but they were tasty!  They really tasted homemade.  I ate a strawberry cupcake and my husband and girls all got a chocolate cupcake.

With my oldest waiting outside the cupcake ATM.

With my little one waiting outside the cupcake ATM.

All in all, a very good day!  We don't get out much so this took a ton of planning,..Making sure my stepdaughter was with us that day, getting a babysitter for my mother in law, timing her feedings and meds, blah blah blah, but we did get out and it was VERY nice!  I love spending time with my family all together.

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