Tuesday, April 17, 2012

My Garden To Do's

I had to make a list...you know that feeling when you have SO many things you WANT to do and ideas of things to complete that if you don't write it down you'll forget all of your genius-ness.  Well, here's my list I made today.  It's an impossibly long list, and some things may never get done today but that's cool too. 

Bag wood chips and compost (need these for my next Lasagna Gardening class and with 10 students already signed up, I need to break out the shovel and start getting prepared)
Plant corn
Plant watermelon (Black Beauty this time, I've already planted my Orange Tendersweet)
Plant zucchinni.   (I had done this but it's 'missing' from the garden, it was probably a grasshopper that ate the whole baby plant.  Darn those grasshoppers.)
Weed shasta daisies
Tie up potato vine
Re-pot cherimoya trees up into larger pots
Mix up more manure tea
Mix up rabbit poop tea
Re-pack seeds for next class
Put hay in container and sweep up garage floor
Make more seed markers apple wood cuttings
Make more seed markers from mini blind slats
Make a pool noodle wreath for front door to use for Memorial Day / 4th of July / Christmas / Valentines (get the feeling it might be red?)
Figure out how to get my broody hen to be not broody
Clean out chicken coop

and about a 100 other house type items :)

What are you up to in the garden / home?

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