Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Room Makeover-Dresser Remake Part 1

Okay, here's the dresser remake part 1!  Working backwards in my photo timeline, you can see the gray primer going on. 

Since I am painting this dresser a semi gloss black to go with the Parisian theme in my daughter's room it is always a good idea to have a darkened primer underneath to keep the top color from requiring so many coats.  Fortunately, I had found a can of Kilz primer that was tinted a dark gray in the 'oops' paint section of Home Depot for $5.00 a couple of years ago and it has served me well on many projects. 

 I sanded the heck out of the entire piece because the finish was flaking off and I wanted to make sure I had good adhesion so some spots are down to the bare wood again.

I always put the knobs and screws in a basket or ziploc bag so they don't get lost while I'm working on a project.  Especially because sometimes project start and then get stalled for weeks or months if I get busy, so this ensures that they are all together when the time comes.

You can see in this picture that the finish was in really poor condition.  This dresser was in my mother-in-laws bedroom for 50 years and it sat under piles of junk and paperwork for years.

However, the inside of the dresser drawers are all in pristine condition!  Yea! and no funky odors! Double Yea!

Here is my daughter's closet currently.  The closet doors were removed and I need to remove the old track, but it has been painted in place for so long I'm not sure how to get it out.  I'm going to try a wedge and sledgehammer next.

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