Thursday, March 29, 2012

I couldn't help myself

I know I said I was just going to grow vegetables in my new side yard garden so my chickens couldn't destroy my hard work...but I couldn't help myself! I ran out of space to plant and it's only March so I decided to remove the grass I planted over the winter and clear a section for in-ground row plantings. 

This garden will be considered 'overflow'.  I have to figure out a cheap way to keep the chickens out and let me in to harvest and water.

My 'new' area is 24x10 so I'm gaining almost 250 additional square feet of planting space in addition to the side veggie garden.

It took me about 7 hours to clear the grass out of the area.  Because this grass was not the invasive runner-type of grass, it really wasn't such hard work! 

Then I dug a trench 24 feet long and placed in my redwood timbers (which I already had for some reason) to divide the space from the grass. This will give me a mow edge and also if the grass starts to creep back in (which it shouldn't because it's not that type) I can pull out the old boiling water or vinegar and keep a dead strip there.

Now I'm going to try driving steel rods in every few feet and using string to create a chicken barrier.  I'm totally unsure if this is going to work.  Basically I'm utilizing the french weave method for tomato supports but trying it as a long fence.

I picked up an expanding willow screen which I'm hoping to somehow turn into a garden gate, which I totally don't know how that is going to work either.

Wish me luck!

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