Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Things from the grocery store you can plant!

This is probably not a complete list by any means, but here is a list of items you can buy at the grocery store and plant!  All of the items on this list I have done myself, so I can attest to their effectiveness!

Green onions-the little white bottom part with roots, just hack off the green and stick those babies in the dirt about 6 inches apart and voila,  new onions! {Works well in containers}

Potatoes-organic potatoes, cut them up into chunks with the skin on, let them dry out for a few days and then throw them in the dirt!  {Works well in containers}  Caveat: 'Supposedly' this is a bad idea because potatoes can have diseases that infect the soil, so if you plant them in a container discard the dirt when you are done.

Garlic-good organic garlic that hasn't been sprayed works best, but just break up a clove of garlic and push each clove down into the dirt about 1 inch deep and let it grow.  Cut off any flowering head so the plant concentrates on building the root, wait 300 days then harvest.  {Works well in containers}

Celery-Organic celery-cut off the bottom 3 inches and place it into a bowl with an inch of warm water for a day or two.  Take it outside and put it in the dirt, covering it completely with soil, about 1 inch deep.  Let it grow!

Lemongrass-Buy the freshest stalks you can find and then take the bottom 1/3 and place it into a cup with a bit of water.  Let it grow roots and then put it into the ground and it will become a huge plant!  {Works well in containers}

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