Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The ABC's of things I love for the garden

A = Apple Trees (for their blossoms, most of all, and their fruit, but also because when you trim an apple tree you have apple wood which makes beautiful garden stakes)

B = Ball Canning Jars I use them as plant cloches / mini greenhouses when I set out plants in winter 

C = Compost

D = Dirt and lots of it. See C above. A gardener can never have too much potting soil or compost or seed starting mix, Amen.

E = Eggshells to plant seedlings in. Also, to crush and put around the base of plants to keep away the snail population.

F = Foliage

G = Grubs, when I find them I feed them to my hens...watching them go nuts over grubs makes them worth having in the garden. 

H = Hens

I = Irrigation (as in my hose-yep, I don't have ANY sprinklers, so me and my hose are good friends)

J = June (as in the whole month!)

K = Kettle (as in my tea kettle filled with boiling water to kill weeds)

L = Lady Bugs

M = Manure

N = Nitrogen

O = Open Pollinated Plants

P = Pruners

Q = Quilting Needles (I use the loop shaped needle to 'sew' plants with lightweight twine to supports and trellisis, try it! but only on plants that are seasonal, you need more flexible support for long term growth.)

R = Root Pruning.  I use this technique to keep my tree roots where I want them and out of my plumbing.  Yes, it is a ton of work, but I like to dig so it is enjoyable.

S = Seaweed Magic  (Great fertilizer and it's cheap)

T = Time to garden

U = Umbrella (or really my pop up canopy, I move it around to where I'm working when it's hot and sunny because I don't like to feel my skin fry.)

V = Victory, I love the concept of the victory garden and it inspires me.  Feeling like I can feed my family if there is a major disruption in the food supply, even temporarily, gives me a feeling of security.

W = Watering Cans

X = Excellent scissors (couldn't find a word for x but I love the cheap 25 cent scissors you can find in the back to school sales.  I leave them outside all year and just toss them when they get dull)

Y = Yard Sticks (Great for measuring plant and seed placement!  I use a Sharpie to mark the common measurements I use so they stand out easily) 

Z = Zebra Stripe Heirloom Tomatoes (My absolute fave: Green Zebra)

What are your favorite things for the garden????

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