Sunday, November 27, 2011

The newest member of our family!

Meet Hawk 2! She is the newest member of our chicken family.  We were at the feed store yesterday picking up a bale of straw for the winter coop for the hens and we saw her! She is absolutely gorgeous.  She is named Hawk 2 because we lost Hawk 1 earlier this year.  We think it was heat stroke or a massive heart attack. But here is Hawk 2~an adorable little girl with beautiful feathers, a glossy coat, beautiful golden eyes and the most adorable side tufts on her face!

Hawk 2-Americana Hen

It seems to me that there have been many pets I've had where I just keep the same name and replace them with the same breed of animal.  I probably shouldn't even mention that my daughter has the same name as 4 (yes 4) of my cats :) 

All I asked for from my husband for Christmas was a palm sander and two chickens.  I wanted two so that it would be easier to acclimate them to the existing flock, if it didn't go well at least they would have a buddy....but Hawk 2 is fully grown, about a year old and she is so sweet and lovable!  Somebody had left her on the doorstep of the feed store that morning!

She adores sitting in our lap and burrowing around to get comfy, she's a 'lap chicken'....I'm not sure she's been around other chickens before based on her behavior so we're keeping her in a sep. pen that is right next to the other girls....I figure it will take about 2 weeks before we can safely pen them together.

Happy to be with us, nibbling on turnip greens

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