Saturday, October 8, 2011

I love winning!

Winning {and not the Charlie Sheen kind} is awesome!

I won something.  I truly truly won!!!!!  I haven't won a prize or contest just because in so long that I would almost say never!  It seems to me that everytime there are good prizes to be won, I'm handing them out to others and I'm not eligible, which I never really mind, but then I won and man it feels good.  So, pardon my selfish little happy dance, but I WON!!!!!

And I won big: 2 season passes to Disneyland, the happiest place on earth!  My little one is 9 and the last time we were there was for her 5th birthday.  So yeah, over 4 years since I've been there and I live 10 minutes away. 

I entered a contest on Facebook for a local store over in Costa Mesa called Where's the Party.  First of all, I had never entered a FB contest, second of all, I love parties, party planning, decorating, dessert tables, etc. and third...{did I mention this already}....I won!

Really I feel like I won the lotto. Not only did I get to pick up Disneyland passes today, but the store is AWESOME, total find.  I love entertaining and paper goods and coordinating colors....I'm very inspired by Amy Atlas style tablescaping and this store was like heaven...color coordinated goodies for miles and miles.  The store is enormous, well staffed and they were so friendly to me.  As I wandered about with my friend I was greeted pleasantly by several different staffers.  It was a {rare} wet SoCal day and it was in the middle of the work week, so I didn't think a store like this would be buzzing with activity, but it was hopping.  They've been in business for 21 years and the gal who rang me up for my purchases had worked there for 17 years.  I got to meet the owner Candy as well who was very sweet and even sent me a handwritten thank you card!  {The social media part of me loves that she did was just so right to follow up personally}

Everything about the store was very satisfying and fulfilled that part of my soul that loves to be surrounded by a beautifully curated environment.  The merchandising displays were inspiring, the pricing was great and the staff was knowledgeable and friendly.

I walked away with several goodies which I'll show you in another blog post that I am using for tablescaping at this weekend's OC Blogger Bash Sunday night.  For now, enjoy this picture stroll through the store, and trust me when I say, these pics do not do this place justice!

this is just one segment of the store, the entire store is really really big
which I think is really really awesome for an independently owned / operated store

see how the color coordination is curated in the displays?

You might see these paper flags pop up at the OC Blogger Bash :)

I will definitely be back to shop some more.  I didn't even fully explore their invitation room, but they looked exquisite.

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