Sunday, October 30, 2011

30 days of weight loss-the first ten days!

Today's post is a chronicle of my 30 day weight loss plan, I'm ten days in and doing really well!  I am on the Isagenix program, I won't tell you why I chose Isagenix today, but suffice it to say, I am very happy with this program!

I'm 4'8" and started this 30 day program at 221, and I am now at 215.  Total of 6 pounds lost (I thought it was seven, but apparently math is not my strong suit, so for my friends reading this whom I told 7 pounds, um.....yeah, that math doesn't work.)

During the last 7 out of 10 days my mother in law has been in the ICU.   She tried to die on me last Sunday night and I had to call 911 and start CPR.  My normal response to that kind of stress would have been to eat an entire bag of Twizzlers plus a #2 from McDonalds with an orange soda and go into a semi-comatose state of sugar high. [seriously]

HOWEVER!!!!!!!!  With the exception of a bowl of soup at a Mexican restaurant because I couldn't get home to my program food due to MIL's illness, I have stuck to this program almost perfectly!

Day 1 I felt good, not hungry at all, very satisfied throughout the day.  I ate and had the shakes and supplements when I supposed to.  No jittery feeling which was my #1 concern with any sort of program, so yea for that!

Day 2  I felt GREAT, I got a ton of work done around the house and finished up several projects.  Typically, I only do maybe 1 project a day, but not this day...I was like the Energizer bunny, it was awesome.  I did more in one day than I usually do in a month of weekends.

Day 3 I had already lost 3 pounds and that was extremely motivating.  I didn't eat on time so I started to feel hungry around 7 pm, but I had an Isa-Snack which is like candy to me and made it through.

Day 4 By day 4, I had lost 5 pounds and had a perfect day.

Day 5-8  I didn't have time to weight myself as most of my days and nights were spent in the ICU.  I didn't drink as much water as I should have because the bathroom was too far from the hospital room, but I did manage to stick to the plan other than the water intake.

Day 9-Cheat day.  I didn't plan my day well and ended up out of the house for 12 hours with none of my program supplies, so I ended up eating at a restaurant.  That made the night time difficult and I ate a snack size Kit Kat bar around 8 pm.  There really seems to be something to the concept of keeping the sugar levels consistent.

Day 10-Still have high energy and a renewed commitment to the next 20 days of this program.  I expect to lose around 1 pound a week.

As far as exercise, the program says 20 minutes a day, and I've been walking around the neighborhood or gardening.  As my energy increases, I know the exercise will need to increase as well to keep the weight loss benefits going.

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