Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Semi DIY Lampshades

So I bought some plain 'greige' lampshades at WalMart a few months ago, they go really well with the gray and pastel theme I'm working on in my living room.   After I finished my ottoman project I had gimp leftover so I decided to change up the lampshade just a bit.


Gimp (leftover from ottoman project), but cost to buy new would have been $1.60
Hot Glue Gun
Microtip scissors
Lampshades (I think these were 12.99 each, but I bought them a while ago, so I'm not too sure)

Here's how it looks before, good, but not great.

Hot Gluing gimp along the edge.  Go slow so it is perfectly straight and centered.  Wait for each section of glue to dry otherwise gimp tends to get a little wavy.

I was thinking of adding silver velvet buttons as an accent, but I decided not to for now.
I may add them in a few days, but I want to live with them the way they are and then make up my mind.

Here it is finished, I think the added edging gives it the right amount of definition.

Here's the second one finished on the floor lamp.

I like it!  Seeing the pictures makes me think I will add the silver buttons on, maybe to each as an accent, or maybe some velvet flowers would work better, I'll have to think about that.  What do you think?

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