Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Worth the pain

About 5 months ago I broke my leg.  How you might ask?  I know, I'm riveting.  Anywhoo.... that's a simple answer.  I broke my leg the way most people do! (Sarcasm)  Ripping up their grass with a shovel so they have more places to plant! Seriously?  Yeah, seriously.

I wanted to rip out about 200 square feet of super thick turf and about halfway through, I hit a large tree root whilst jumping on my shovel.  Oh how I love to dig in the dirt, and I heart my shovel.  I've had the same shovel for years, it stays outside most of the time and has a wooden handle with no splinters and it's never broken.  But, I digress...back to my riveting story of a broken leg.  Two weeks of incredible pain later, I finally went to the doctor to find out that I had shattered about 4 inches of my femur.  How was I still walking you might ask?  Don't ask me, I'm an out of shape working mom, but apparently, pain just doesn't register with me the same way it does with others. 

The moral of the story is that my broken leg was worth it!  I had all these teeny tiny Shasta Daisy plants that I started from seed two full years ago that I had planted throughout my property.  I dug them all up and relocated them to my new grassless area, beginning to create a border between my front property and the neighbors.  Oh they were so lovely this year!  It was like a thick carpet of Shasta Daisies, it made me happy just to look at them.  They reached almost 4 feet tall!  Now, they're dying back and I've been deadheading like crazy and scattering the seeds amongst the plants to fill in with lots of new baby plants next year.

Next year I'm going to continue with my shasta daisy border the remaining distance.  Cheers to not breaking a leg next time!

Have you ever had a mishap in the garden????

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