Sunday, August 7, 2011

Relocating my Chickens

Today, I relocated my chicken coop and run to a different part of the yard.  I like to do this 2-3 times per year because the chickens basically double dig my beds, poop a heck of a lot and generally make sure the area is weed free.  I get a ton of free fertilizer, and since I moved to this property 2 years ago I need more dirt, so they help build up the soil.

Here's where my coop was, you can see I now have a fully weeded area to do something with, the soil is very friable, although a bit full of straw bits.

I'll scrape off the top layer next week and double dig it down and then wait about a month before I plant.

Seriously, they are little workers for my garden on a daily basis.  Plus, moving them to a new location gives them something new to do and they are so excited to have a new place to dig up, eat the bugs and more.

While moving the coop from the old location, I found a HUGE! lizard that gaped it's menacing jaws at me...I knew he was in the coop for the last few weeks. My chickens would get their panties in a bunch a few days a week and I didn't see any other cats or hawks or anything else bothering them.  They love to eat little lizards, but this sucker even scared me.  When I came across him, I gave him a wide path to run away, and he did, down the back to the neighbors.

Here's the girls in their new location, tearing it up!

The end!  Here's a pretty picture of one of my pansies that took a short break in the heat but with a bit of Epsom salt bloomed again!  The metal pole you see coming out of the pot is the support for my gazebo. I get the cheapo gazebo and put the legs all the way down into flower pots and it doesn't blow away on my concrete patio.

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