Saturday, June 14, 2014


Still working away here getting things in order in the garden.  We're coming up on almost 12 months here and so much work and care has gone into pulling this place into shape.

Thanks to the miracle of MooPooTea  and Gypsum, my sandy, salty, chemical laden, disgustingly full of broken glass and pottery soil is starting to let things grow.

Brewing up the MooPoo Tea from Annie Haven, this is a miracle worker and I can't say enough good things about, organic, cheap, easy, you name it! It's my go-to defense and fertilizer for my entire garden

After a few trials and errors we realized belatedly that the previous owner had managed to keep everything to 'dirt' by spraying on a TON of full on bad stuff like Round up, a pre-emergent, and loads of SALT!  (What the heck!) etc.  So no seeds would sprout if put directly in the soil AT ALL.  We invested in sod for a part of the back-yard and it died faster than anything I've ever seen.

That's when we became Gypsum fanatics.  We read that gypsum will bind up salts and other pesticides sprayed onto land then let it wash away so my husband became throwing gypsum over all of the soil.  In the last 6 months I've been able to plant directly in the soil and see results from seed, yippee! My anemic plantings are becoming lush!

On another interesting note, I've discovered that if you dust an area with Gypsum and do not water it in, it will dehydrate and kill anything in its path.  This is a very useful discovery because we had some runner grass creeping in to my vegetable garden and it is now decimated once sprinkled with Gypsum.

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