Sunday, March 16, 2014

Rosy Ruffles My Newest Hen Addition

It's been a while since I posted! Um, yes a little over a year and so much has changed and so much stays the same.  I moved, started another urban farm six miles from my old urban farm which is now happily rented out to a family with a green thumb :)

So I started over with more land, this time with a city lot that was used for 50 years by a hoarder.  As in every time I put the shovel in the ground I become an archeologist, unearthing treasures as in lots of broken glass, pots, cement, random bricks, knives and bones(!?)  Seriously!

I have just recently adopted a new hen from her old owners who were stealth chicken keepers in Newport Beach and got busted.  Here's my newest little girl :
Rosy Ruffles lays pale tannish pink eggs and has a ruffled comb, hence her name

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