Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Painting Stripes on My Wall-Pinterest Fail!

So I've been inspired on good ol' pinterest to paint stripes on a wall.  I have a tiny very simple wall in the entrance to my master bedroom that I thought would be perfect to try my paint stripe technique on.  Small enough that I could do the job easily and it was such a boring wall that it needed something.
I've seen all over the pinterest boards how folks were painting a matte base and then painting the same color of paint in a gloss.  They must have not used the exact same color because that's what I did and I can only see the stripes when the light hits just right and even then it's questionable.  But...here's how I did it

I had to figure out how to tape the wall so I measured the wall and figured out I could do 12 inch stripes with a 9 inch opening...

 Gathered my measurements and materials:

Here's my drawing of how the stripes would work with the measurements

I made notes of where the tape would go, that came in very handy because the tape isn't evenly spaced.  You need to tape off in a way that where your paint goes is the right size so you need to take that into consideration.

Once you've got your tape up, the painting was easy, but can you even tell I painted?  Yeah, me neither.  It was about an hour total plus the extra quart of paint and the tape, so about a $20 project fail :)  I've definitely had worse DIY fails.  At least this one is so unnoticeable I don't have to fix it and what I learned is that painting stripes is not bad, just takes a bit of patience.  I think now I'll do stripes again someday but in contrasting colors instead of the exact same colors.

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