Monday, November 5, 2012

Living Room Wall Redux

I've been pulling out the screws that have 50 years of paint and bondo on them one at a time.  My goal is to take out 4 screws everyday until I get these shelves out of here. Yes, they take that long :)

My goal (fingers crossed) is to get these shelves down and the ceramic tile torn off to expose the brick fireplace that is under there. Wish me luck!

I hate hate hate these shelves.  First my living room ceiling is sloped but whoever put these in put 4 shelves on one side and 3 shelves on the other.  It just emphasizes my weird slanted ceilings.

Then, these don't go all the way to the floor, they're not really 'built-in' looking and they overlap on the fireplace and mantel.  I don't have OCD but boy oh boy that drives me crazy.

I also hit my head on the very sharp corners.  I'm short, these shelves are at a dangerous height.

Say goodbye to the shelves!

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