Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Coming up on the blog-Little Girl to Big Girl Room Makeover

I headed out to Fabric Land in Orange the other day with my little one because we are starting to re-make her bedroom with fresher colors.  Her room was done 5 years ago by Stephanie Cook and while I still love it and it is sophisticated and still age appropriate, her personality just wasn't stamped on the room anymore.  She's growing up and has different needs for her room to serve, plus she had worn out some of the items and they were looking a little more shabby than chic.  Toy storage is no longer important but jewelry, clothing and shoes are taking over!

Here is how her room was currently designed by our friend Stephanie of Plural Interior Design.  Honest to God, if I had an unlimited budget she would do everything in my house-she has a true gift for using pieces that were important to me and bringing in other pieces that I grow to love just as much as my family treasures.  Stephanie has gone on to star on HGTV's Design Star and is known locally here in Orange County for her work with making over the Boys and Girls Club and fulfilling room makeover wishes through the Make-A-Wish Foundation.   Oh and did I mention she moved to my city just a few blocks away from me????  I think my sense of style increased just having her in my city :)

We're going to call this a re-make-not a remodel or a redo-I am going to use pieces we own-mainly family heirlooms that will always be in our family but have no value other than sentimental... and we'll refinish-recover-and most of all re-use.  However, there are a few things I am willing to purchase and one of them is fabric so that we can recover a few things.

In the next few months, I'll be making / doing the following (hopefully in this order)

  1. Re-covering a French Memo Board.
  2. Sewing a slipcover for her headboard.
  3. Adding new trim to her drapes.
  4. Making a few new cases for pillows.
  5. Trimming out a lamp shade.
  6. Refinishing her dresser and nightstands.
  7. Installing 1 wall of wall-paper.
  8. Painting (does anyone know if this works) the mats that are in her picture frames.
  9. Painting her iron wall decorations.

After several months, I think she is confident on her theme.  She loves pink, black and white with a french flair so lots of fleur di lis's, some Parisian Eiffel Tower-esque items, a little bit of bling, etc.

And I love anything black and white so we're going to start with that as our base and add a few bits of pink that can be switched out as things wear out.

Tomorrow I'll show you the first project-recovering a French Memo Board.

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