Thursday, December 22, 2011

Where I get my seeds

Typically, there are 3 main ways I purchase or accumulate seed:

1. Seed Saving-I save as many seeds myself from my heirloom plants or heirloom fruits and vegetables I pick up from reputable farmer's or growers.  This collection is increasing each year and in fact is now taking up quite a bit of physical space as I have increased the amount of seed I collect to utilize in my seed starting classes.

2. Wal Mart-At my local store, they bring in 20 cent packets of seeds one time per year, around March / April.  They always are unpacked on a Sunday morning and beginning in the beginning of February I call the garden section every week to ask if the seeds have come in.  Yes, I'm that lady standing by the boxes while they open them, but 20 cent seed packets are awesome.  I typically buy annual flower packets and maybe a veggie or two-mainly beans, the selection is limited, but I like to have them to grow some color and low-dollar value vegetables.

3.  Seed Catalogs-Obviously in Orange County, we don't get snowed in all winter, but we gardeners still do dream of spring and what we can plant.... so seed catalogs are my constant companions all winter.  I plan big and try to buy small :)  Here are a couple of seed catalogs that I really enjoy.

Park Seed Company

I want to plant some funky squash, and this heirloom organic squash called Cocozelle should fit the bill.

Organic Squash Cocozelle

D. Landreth Seed Company {This one is going through some financial troubles, so I am making it a point to order from them.  They have an amazing history.}

Their heirloom collection is going to be in my hot little hands soon!

The Heirloom Seed Collection

Along with their pesto garden-I love their seed bags / collections.  Great value!

The Pesto Garden

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